MRE Pouch

MRE Pouch

> MRE Pouch for Military and Humanitarian Uses

MRE, or Meals Ready to Eat, are self-contained, individual field rations in light weight Flexible Packaging is bought by the military for use in combat or other field conditions where food facilities are not available. MRE is replaced canned military meals and other humanitarian meals. MRE retort pouches are more convenient and lighter in weight than canned rations, making MRE pouches is easier to transport and more durable with similar shelf life to canned rations. MRE Pouches produced by HPM global are approved by the U.S. Military Service “Natick” based on military regulation “MIL-PRF-44O73F” (Canadian Food Inspection Test Method).

> MRE Pouch Features

  • MRE Pouch Easy-Tear Solution

    Easy-tear function is applied to the MRE pouch without laser scoring or perforation treatment

Value-added Features   MRE Pouch